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  • Experienced staff who have been employed with Slade Smash Repairs for over 10 years

  • Some Mechanical repairs carried out on premises

  • Fitting of Batteries, Windscreens, Hood linings, Fitting of Suspension/Modifications & other general Workshop Jobs




The workshop is fitting our with all Modern & Top of the Range to provide the most effective and efficient service.

Some Equipment include:

  • Caroliner Straightening Machine - For Chassis, Body, Front End & Rear Chassis Alignments

  • Floor Rack Straightening System - Realignments

  • Modern Water-cooled Spot Welder - For spot welding new panels

  • Brass MIG Welder & 3x Normal Mild Steel MIG Welders

  • TIG Welder

  • Multiple Four & Two Post Hoists

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